Fleur Fisher in her world

Fleur Fisher in her world

Fleur Fisher in her world

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Notes from a bookish life on the Cornish coast ...

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  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    A pastiche of a Victorian sensation novel, written for younger reader, and wrapped in a lovely cover was such an enticing proposition. I raced through the opening chapter, part of a framing story, set in an art gallery some years after the events at the heart of the book, eager to reach the story proper. […]

    05/03/2015 - 22:03
  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    This might be the most astonishing, the most beautifully written memoir that I have ever read. Anna Lyndsey was a civil servant when light began to affect her. What began as irritation when she worked in front of a computer screen grew into a condition where she had to live in darkness, in a room […]

  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    It seems to have come and gone amazingly quickly! Hereabouts it has been a damp, grey month, the council has been digging roads up here there and everywhere, and because they have taken our old railings down and haven’t started putting the new ones up we still can’t get to the promenade or the beach. […]