Fleur Fisher in her world

Fleur Fisher in her world

Fleur Fisher in her world

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Notes from a bookish life on the Cornish coast ...

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  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    One lovely thing about reading old books is the lists of other books you find, sometimes on the back cover and sometimes on the final pages. It was a lovely way of for publishers to show off there wares, and I noticed that whoever had the job of writing those little advertisements in the back […]

  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    A year or two ago I read a book called ‘Florence and Giles.’ It was a deliciously gothic tale; a reimagining, a distortion, of ‘The Turn of the Screw'; and the centre of it all was the most wonderful character. Florence was trapped in a gothic mansion, she was forbidden to read, but she found […]