Confessions of a YarnAddict

Confessions of a YarnAddict

Confessions of a YarnAddict

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Welcome To The Blog of Anniken Allis

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  • Confessions of a YarnAddict

    As many of you know I'm a continental knitter and I firmly believe that for most people continental kitting is the fastest method. I know there are English style knitters who knit very fast but for the average knitter, I believe continental knitting is faster. But I know many people struggle with learning a different style of knitting. It is possible to change from English style knitting to...

    3 hours ago
  • Confessions of a YarnAddict

    I love knitting socks and these days I always have a pair on the go. I wear my hand-knitted socks almost daily in the colder months of the year. I also love sharing my love for sock knitting through my sock workshops. But not everyone can make it to one of my workshops, so I wrote two basic sock patterns to enable everyone to benefit from my sock expertise. To celebrate Socktober, I'm offering...

  • Confessions of a YarnAddict

    I used to have lots of projects on the go at any one time but these days I'm much more monogamous. Or if not completely monogamous, I'm focusing on two or three projects at a time. For the last few weeks my two main projects have been a lace garment in purple cashmere and a shawl in Lang (on the left below). I was desperate to finish the purple cashmere garment by last weekend as the girls were...