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    The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star MA-1 Zip “Nylon” Pack is the latest iteration from the Chuck Taylor All Star. Coming in four different colorways, let’s take a sneak peak at what the ‘Nylon’ pack has to offer. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star MA-1 Zip “Nylon” Pack draws inspiration from the MA-1 flight jacket by The post A Quick Look At The Converse Chuck...

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    The Chuck II might've made a huge impact on the future of Converse, but the original Chuck still has some tricks up its sleeve yet. Time and time again, the Boston brand reinvents the Chuck Taylor silhouette with new motifs, drawing on influences ranging from pop art to military minutia. To the latter mentioned, here we find Converse unveiling a new iteration of the Chuck Taylor All Star MA-1 Zip,...

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    TREND HUNTER Magazine

    ( ) The classic Chuck Taylor All Star is given a brand new look with the release of the Chuck Taylor All Star II . 98 years after the brand's initial All Star release, this collection modernizes...

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    feel desain

    Converse has introduced a shiny new version of its iconic shoe for the first time in almost a hundred years. Say hello to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneaker. The Chuck II looks, well, basically the same as the original, but Converse have thought about how to make this model better. There’s a new sockliner which is […]

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    The Verge

    The concept of the Chuck II seemed weird to me at first. Is the original design so outdated that we needed to rebuild it from the ground up? I know that after a while walking the streets of Portsmouth's old town I can begin to feel every cobble with each step - would this upgraded design improve the walking experience? Yes, it does. It really, really does. Continue reading…

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    Who doesn't love a pair of Converse? Chuck Taylor All-Star turns 98 years old this year, and to celebrate, the brand is launching a Converse redesign! Don't freak out - the design is only getting a few subtle tweaks. The real switch-up is the addition of padding and arch support inside. We're pretty excited (and so are our feet), so to celebrate, we've put together 11 fun facts about Converse!

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    Converse's Chuck Taylor II All-Stars debut with a bang, literally, in the Nike brand's "Ready for More" campaign touting its highly anticipated line extension. Ad agency Anomaly and visual-effects firm Framestore produced an explosive spot that shows a Chuck II high-top flying apart in super-slow-motion, impressively revealing the comfort technology within. As bits of rubber and canvas drift...

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    The good folks over at Converse are back with something brand new once again. Today we get a look at the brand new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star MA-1 Zip “Nylon” Pack. The legendary kicks come rocking a sleek new design with material used in the iconic MA-1 flight jacket. The sneakers find a stretch-cuff […] The post Classic Style, Modern Design! Converse Chuck Taylor All Star...

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    Converse has released a movie to present the updates of its classic Chuck Taylor All Star basketball sneakers, which have been redesigned for the first time in over 80 years. (more…)

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    Converse launches Chuck Taylor All Star II LDNfashion - Daily fashion news, features and more Converse has announced the first update of its Chuck Taylor shoe in 98 years. Launching a contemporary adaptation” of the classic style named the Chuck Taylor All Star II. The new shoe has been developed to meet “the demands of creative lifestyles”, holding onto original features such at...

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    Nice Kicks

    With Converse being in the news as of late with the recent unveil of the Chuck Taylor II, the latest innovation to the Converse Chuck Taylor comes in the form of a shroud styling update. Seen on a variety of notable models, such as the Nike Air Zoom Flight “The Glove,” this shroud detailing canvasses the […] The post Shroud Styling Appears on the Converse Chuck Taylor appeared first...

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    To say that the Converse “Ready For More” event was a blast would be a complete understatement. In the video above I’ll walk you through the event (a more granular play by play here) and give you a detailed look at the new Converse Chuck II. The Chuck II sees the iconic Chuck Taylor get The post KoF Field Trip: Converse “Ready For More” Chuck Taylor II Debut Event (Video)...

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    Seemingly out of thin air, last week legendary footwear brand Converse unveiled the next generation of their iconic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette. Fittingly titled the “Chuck Taylor All Star II,” the super-streamlined kicks were met… The post These Are the Best Features of the Brand New Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 2 appeared first on Highsnobiety .

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    Konbini United Kingdom

    The headquarters of Converse are located in the heart of Boston, at Lovejoy Wharf, an area that expands alongside River Charles. The impressive building made of red bricks (so recurrent in the city), which was abandoned for a decade, has now become the epicentre of the action for the star-crowned firm. Ten floors filled with […] Continue reading Meet Converse’s Chuck Taylor II on Konbini...

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    Nice Kicks

    For almost a century, the Converse Chuck Taylor has been a staple of sneaker culture, appearing to all interests and all walks of life. After all these years, how could the Chuck Taylor possibly become better? The answer was utilizing today’s tech for a more comfortable ride. Maintaining its classic look, hear what Converse CEO […] The post Inside the Converse Chuck Taylor II Launch Event...